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Single tooth replacement

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                               Single tooth replacement refers to placement of dental implant to replace missing or damaged tooth root. The implant attaches itself to the jawbone and acts as a new root to the crown which is fixed on to it. Implants are immediate, long-lasting solution which improves general and oral health of the individual.

Benefits of single tooth replacement:

 *Looks and feels like natural tooth

*Immediate fixed teeth on same day or next day

* No need to sacrifice the structure of the remaining natural teeth

*The jaw bone is better preserved

*Easy to clean

How it will be done?

At International Dental Implant Center We have specific, predefined processes for single tooth replacements that involve,

  • Initial consultation,
  • Treatment planning with digital photographs and radiographs
  • General medical history of the patient are obtained prior to the treatment.
  • Treatment options, goals and expectations of the procedure are discussed
  • Thereafter, under painless local anaesthesia dental implant is first placed
  • The implant and the bone are allowed to integrate over a period of time.
  • Fixed provisional tooth given on same day or next day of treatment to restore aesthetics and function
  • After healing, permanent zirconia crown is fixed

The Center believes that each case is different and has to be approached distinctly, which requires a combination of steps to get the best desired results. Dr. Murugavel and his team of dental professionals work closely with the patient to achieve the coveted outcomes.

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