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Allon 6 dental implants

What is all on 6 dental implants?

Dental implants are used to replace your teeth when you lost all or most of the teeth. All on 6 dental implants provides fixed full arch teeth anchored by 6 implants. It involves specifically designed dental implants that are available for immediate function.

For patients who are missing all their teeth a combination of all on 6 or all on 4 dental implants can be used to restore a full set of teeth in India.

Benefits of all on 6 dental implants:

  • Immediate loading,
  • No waiting period to get fixed teeth
  • More secure and comfortable
  • Faster healing
  • Less maintenance required
  • Less invasive

What is the procedure for all on 6 dental implants:

– Clinical evaluation, digital x-rays (OPG,CBCT) and digital impressions will be done to determine proper treatment plan and to fulfil your personal needs.

– Implant surgery: removal of unhealthy teeth and placement of all on 6 dental implants under local anesthesia or conscious sedation(depends on individual preference)

– Provisional fixed teeth can be fixed in 3-4 days

– Healing of implants will takes place for 3-6 months(osseointegration)

– Permanent teeth (zirconia, metal ceramic, metal composite) fixing after 3 -6 months

Case report:

68years old male patient came to our clinic for replacing his shaking and missing upper teeth. After clinical and radiographic examination we adviced upper full teeth replacement with allon 6 dental implants.

Upper all teeth removed and 6 dental implants placed under local anesthesia. Patient got fixed teeth, his smile and chewing restored.

Smile before treatment
Allon 6 dental implants
Provisional Bridge
Happy and confident smile

allon 6 dental implants for full teeth replacement in India
Before treatment 0pg
allon 6 dental implants for full teeth replacement in India
Upper teeth replacement with Allon six dental implants

Cost of all on 6 dental implants :

All on 6 dental implants cost in India for full mouth teeth replacement are more affordable compared to implant cost in US, UK, Singapore and Australia.  Treatment quality and technology are par excellence with western countries.

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