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Allon 4 dental implant

Allon four dental implants in India

                          Allon 4 dental implant in India refers to replacing upper or lower full teeth with four dental implants. Less bone or no bone situations successfully treated by allon four dental implant technique. Fixed permanent teeth  given in 3- 4 days. Tilting  dental implants not only provides good stability  but also bone grafting and sinus lifting are avoided. 

                       For  full teeth replacement,  there is no need for implants under each tooth. In order to have a strong foundation, two implants are placed in the front tooth region and two are placed behind in an intended angle. Implants when placed in this particular angle, helps in preventing bone grafting and parts of the jawbone which are of typically poor quality are taken care of.

                  Another advantage of All on four dental implants in India is that it is designed according to the optimal functional and aesthetics principles of dentistry. It simplifies maintenance and hygiene and thus is a versatile way of dental implantation.

Why Choose Allon Four Dental Implants?

  • Shorter treatment duration:
    Takes only 3 -4 days for complete treatment compared to other implants
  • Prevention of Bone Grafting and sinus lifting
  • Better appearance
    Provides a natural and healthy smile thereby improving  appearance
  • Affordable price
    All on 4 implants  done in affordable cost compared to conventional dental implants
  • All on 4 implants are safe for diabetics , hypertensive and smoking patients
  • Clean and easy to maintain
    Since involves only 4 implants, easy to maintain oral hygiene.

Allon four Dental Implants Procedure

               After complete clinical and radiographic examination treatment plan discussed based on individual needs and requirements. All-on-4 Procedure begins by fixing the titanium implants in the jaw bone under local anesthesia. It is a less invasive procedure with quick recovery time for four-six implants.  Thereafter, provisional teeth are fixed.

                  The All on four dental implants in India is an extraordinary procedure that provides a permanent alternative to dentures. 

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