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Using Zygoma Implants

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Not enough bone for dental implants?

Zygoma dental implants are graft less dental implants which gets anchored in cheek bone called ‘Zygoma’ which is always having good bone support. It’s the best alternative for those who have been told that regular dental implants are not possible because of less jaw bone and who are not willing to undergo extensive bone grafting and sinus lifting procedures.

Candidates for zygoma dental implants:

  • Severely atrophied maxillary jaw
  • Failed bone grafts and sinus lifts
  • Failed dental implants in upper jaw
  • Long term tooth loss
  • Less bone because of long term denture wearing
  • Systemic disorders

Why would I need zygoma dental implants?

After tooth loss, bone loss usually happens  and wearing a removable denture for prolonged time will worsen the situation. Severe bone resorption will complicates the replacement of missing tooth area with dental implants.

Treating such situations with regular dental implants requires bone grafts, sinus lifting which leads to increased treatment time, multiple appointments and increased treatment costs. In these situations zygoma implants can provide excellent bone support, immediate fixed teeth in 3 -4 days at affordable cost in India.

What is Quad zygoma:

Placing 2 zygomatic dental implants on each side of jaw referred as ‘Quad zygoma’. This avoids the need for traditional extensive and expensive methods like bone grafting and sinus lifting.

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Advantages of zygomatic implants:

  • No need for bone grafting and sinus lifting
  • Minimally invasive and faster healing
  • No waiting period to get fixed teeth
  • Improved appearance
  • Confidence to laugh
  • Natural looking teeth and gums
  • Freedom to eat your favourite foods
  • Affordable dental implant cost
  • Sedation for more relaxed experience

Challenges in zygoma implants:

  • Technique sensitive, excellent surgical skill is mandatory only a trained and skilled oral maxillofacial surgeon can do the procedure
  • Maxillary sinus must be symptom free and pathology free

Cost of zygoma dental implants:

Zygomatic dental implants cost in India depends on technique used and advanced technology used by the dental team you choose. Nowadays dental tourism in India is significantly increasing because of the experience and expertise of Indian dentist and state of art technology used in India which are equal to abroad. At best laser dental clinic in India you will get zygoma dental implants at affordable cost.

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