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Immediate dental implant

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Dental implant placement immediately after tooth extraction is called as immediate implant loading. Single, multiple teeth can be replaced and fixed teeth can be given on same day and upper and lower full set of teeth can be fixed in 3-4 days.

We are regularly using immediate loading implant system in which implant and teeth can be given immediately. In some situations when bone quality is severely affected by infection, we advice to remove tooth and infection first and implant placement after 2- 3 months for better lift time of dental implants.

Benefits of immediate teeth with dental implants:

  • No need to wait for 6 months – 1 year to get fixed teeth
  • Chewing restored immediately
  • Short duration
  • Multiple appointments avoided thereby reducing total treatment cost
  • Better long term results
  • Bone shape and quality preserved

Sequence of Immediate implant :

  • Removal of damaged teeth and dental implant placement on same day
  • Digital measurement of teeth
  • For single or multiple teeth : provisional teeth fixed on same day or next day of implant placement
  • For full upper / lower arch teeth : provisional teeth fixed on 3 – 4 days of treatment

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