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Cost of dental implants

Dental implants are the ideal solution for replacing missing and damaged teeth. Better functional and aesthetic results can be achieved by fixed teeth with dental implants. India has become the favoured spot for dental tourism because of treatment quality and affordability. The cost of dental implant in India is 60-70-% lesser than other countries like US, UK, Singapore and Australia.

   Factors influencing dental implant cost:

  1. Dental implant brand
  2. Quality and quantity of bone available
  3. Need for sinus lift and bone graft
  4. Experience and expertise of dental implant team
  5. Facilities at dental implant centre

1.Dental implant brand:

Various dental implant brands are available. The implant brands which are existing for long time having highest long term track record. These best dental implant brands are expensive compared to basic new brands available in market.

2. Quality and quantity of bone available:

Stability of dental implant is depends on amount and quality of jaw bone available. It is best determined by CBCT[ 3D Xray]. Presence of minimal bone or less bone requires additional number of implants and technique sensitive alternate techniques which adds up in total implant cost.

3. Need for sinus lift and bone grafts:

Dental implant treatment are simple and straight forward for most cases. In some situations when tooth to be replaced is close to sinus, important nerves and presence of periapical infection needs sinus lifting and bone grafting procedures which increases the dental implant treatment cost.

4. Experience and expertise of dental implant team:

Dental implant for single or multiple teeth replacement requires a team of Oral maxillofacial surgeon, prosthodontist, anesthetist, dental lab technician to achieve desired results.

5. Facilities at dental implant center:

Tooth dental implant cost vary when the dental implant centre having,

  • Inhouse cbct (3d Xray)
  • Highly sterile environment
  • CAD- CAM surgical and prosthetic facilities

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