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Who needs multiple dental implants?

  • Several missing teeth (compromised chewing)
  • Shaking teeth
  • Severely damaged/ carious teeth
  • Severe gum disease (chronic generalised periodontitis)
  • Teeth with periapical lesion (infection around tooth root)

dental implant for multiple teeth replacement in India

What are the benefits?

Teeth replacement with dental implants are the best alternative for dentures and tooth supported bridges.

  • Chewing restored immediately
  • Fixed teeth given on same day or next day of treatment
  • No need to compromise the structure and strength of adjacent natural teeth
  • Improves oral and general health
  • Better long term solution

The procedure..

  • Comprehensive treatment planning based on clinical and radiographic findings
  • Implants placed under painless local anaesthesia
  • Provisional teeth fixed
  • Healing phase for 2-3 months ( bone and gum healing)
  • Permanent zirconia teeth fixing
  • Regular checkup and maintenance by patient

              Dental implants are simple and regular procedure at multispeciality dental implant centre consisting of state-of-the-art medical equipment. The services are aimed at providing the best treatment at the most affordable costs. Surgeons at International Dental Implant Center counsel and guide patients towards the appropriate treatment methodologies that best suit the patient.

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