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Guided dental implants

dental implant surgical guides in India


       Guided implant surgery in India:

                 As far as dental implants are extensive technology which greatly depends on experience and skill of implant surgeon for proper implant placement. In digital dental implant system 3D CT scan and CAD CAM technology are combined thereby reducing or eliminating the risk factors involved in dental implant placement. Highly accurate surgical guides rendering the treatment results more predictable in terms of function and aesthetics.

How it is done?

  • Digital 3D scan and digital impression recorded
  • 3D models printed using CAD CAM technology
  • Stereolithographic templates are designed to transfer the digital treatment plan to patients mouth
guided dental implants in India

Guided surgery objectives and purpose:

* 3 dimensional reconstruction of all or part of dental arch

* More predictable aesthetics and functional results

* Prior digital planning allows more suitable solution for each individual

Advantages of guided implant surgery:

  1. Improved surgical accuracy
  2. Minimally invasive surgical procedure
  3. Better healing
  4. Predictable surgical outcome
  5. Saves chair time
  6. Improves aesthetic results
  7. Damage to nerves, sinus and adjacent tooth is avoided

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