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Painless dental injection

Are you afraid of dental injections??

                  * Many of us having fear to dentist and dental treatment is mainly because of dental injections!

                 * With varied patient dispositions and psychologies, it is a cause of anxiety for the patient in dental office.

                  * Postponing dental treatment because of fear of dental injections leads to further complications and treatment costs.

                  * How about painless dental injection for dental implant treatment!!

Is painless dental treatment possible?


We in best laser dental clinic, India provides our patients an absolutely no pain dental injection for all dental implant and other surgical procedures by a system called STA.

          The STA or single tooth anesthesia system is a revolutionary computer-controlled local anesthetic delivery system (CCLADS), which is state-of-the-art equipment for giving painless dental injections. It uses Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology (DPS) which allows the dentist to inject the solution effortless and painless thereby you will have absolutely no pain while giving dental injection.

                   STA  ensures  painless dental injection  which makes you more comfortable during and after the dental implant procedure. It maintains good level of anesthesia.

painless dental injection in India, Chennai

Benefits of painless injection:

  • Effortless and painless dental injections
  • Reduces patient anxiety
  • Convenient dental experience

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