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Quickest way to full mouth rehabilitation using dental implants

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Teeth-in-one day is the quickest way to full mouth rehabilitation in dental implants. All-on-six or all-on-four implants are considered as gold standard treatments for quick full mouth rehabs. Missing teeth have significant effects on any individual with lost aesthetics and normal activities such as smiling, eating and speaking not only create a complex in the individual but can also be difficult to manage. Dental implants are effective solutions to problems of missing teeth yet not everyone wants to spend months together waiting during healing time for the bone to integrate. Traditional dental implants come with lengthy hibernation and healing periods where the bone combines with the implant and after which the actual prosthetic is placed.

Newer, innovative technologies have brought into the market teeth solutions that provide immediate benefits. Same day implants provide teeth in just a day.

At the International Dental Implant Center

The International Dental Implant Center uses state-of-the-art tooth replacement systems thus revolutionizing permanent tooth replacements. The Center has successfully transformed the lives of completely edentulous or toothless patients by giving them comfortable and aesthetic solutions. With the new methodology, minimal implant systems support the maximum number of teeth. Only four implants are required to support both the upper and lower jaw. This event is accomplished in just one day. The success of the procedure depends on the immobility of the dental implants when placed in the jaw bone. This facilitates the process of osseointegration.

Experts at International Dental Implant Center strategically place teeth to offer efficacious support rigidly connecting the implants and the new teeth so that they stabilize each other. Quick implants are one of the most cost-effective strategies for implant-supported teeth replacement procedures. Existing condition of the patient is completely recorded before the procedure to determine several factors such as length of teeth required, bite consistencies and amount of support the lip and facial structure would need. CT scans and 3D pictures of the jawbone may be taken to assess the health of the anatomical structures.

International Dental Implant Center has a well-coordinated and highly-professional team of dental surgeons for all restorative treatments.