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Invisalign – clear aligner

invisalign clear aligners cost in India
  • Clear aligner are transparent, removable, customised form of ortho braces which is not easily noticeable. Invisalign – clear aligner is an advanced and better alternative for regular fixed metal or other fixed braces.
  • If you are one of the popular celebrity or people who is having tight busy schedule then clear aligners are the ideal choice for your life style to get a beautiful smile you desire.
  • You can live your daily social life as usual, without being conscious about fixed regular braces and frequent dental appointments.

Steps for Invisalign – clear aligners:

  • Everyone’s teeth alignment and needs are different. First your dentist will check your teeth arrangement and analyse your teeth condition.
  • Digital photographs and digital impression will be recorded
  • Lab will design the final treatment result and we can check the final teeth alignment even before we start the treatment.
  • Treatment plan discussion with final treatment outcome photos which is designed by lab
  • Delivery of Invisalign – clear aligner trays
Invisialign, clear aligners cost in India

Advantages of clear aligners:

  • Highly aesthetics
  • We can remove by ourselves for meetings, celebrations and while eating
  • CAD-CAM designed with predictable and better results
  • Final treatment outcome can be visualized before starting the treatment itself
  • No pain/no brackets/no wires, no metal smile with metal braces
  • No food restriction, you can remove clear aligners while eating and enjoy your foods
  • Frequent monthly appointments are avoided
  • Speech is not affected

Duration of clear aligners:

  • We can achieve faster and better results when compared to regular braces
  • Invisalign – Clear aligner treatment duration depends on complexity of teeth alignment and number of clear aligners required
  • Average treatment duration is 8 – 14 months
  • Clear aligners to be wear 22 hours a day for two weeks, it may vary depends on individual teeth alignment and teeth movement

Invisalign – Clear aligner cost in India:

*  Invisible braces cost in India depends on level of treatment difficulty and number of aligners required.

* Cost of clear aligners extend from 1,30,000 – 1,60,000 INR

How can I maintain Invisible braces:

* Clean your Invisalign – clear aligner before use with water and soap

* Avoid using hot water or paste

* Keep it in a box safely when not in use

* Remove clear aligners while eating

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