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Full Mouth Dental Implants

Are you having multiple dental issues for decades??

Fed up with repeated gum surgeries?

Not satisfied with your smile?

Difficulty in chewing?

           “Here is the solution for your ongoing dental issues!”

  Full mouth teeth replacement with dental implants are the ultimate level of dental treatment ever undertaken by a patient. Individuals with failing teeth and lost teeth are most benefited with this treatment. It involves replacement of all teeth in the upper and lower jaw.

                 Trying to save failing teeth by doing gum surgeries or root canal treatment will not only add multiple dental visits but also increases additional cost with no real benefit to you.

Full mouth teeth replacement is indicated when,

  1. You have no teeth (completely edentulous)
  2. Lost almost all teeth and only few teeth left (terminal dentition)
  3. Esthetically and functionally poor quality teeth

Best option for full teeth replacement:

Dental implants are the ideal solution for replacing full teeth. By full teeth dental implants you will get fixed teeth and at the same time your overall smile and chewing also restored. Number of people getting full teeth replacement with dental implants are increasing because of increase experience and expertise of Indian dentists.

Dental implants:

Artificial root like structure which replaces missing or damaged teeth.

Techniques for full teeth replacement with dental implants:

  1. Allon 4 dental implants
  2. Allon 6 dental implants
  3. Zygoma/Quad zygoma implants
  4.  Basal dental implants

Dental implant technique which best suits you are decided after complete clinical examination and CBCT analysis. All techniques works well in the hand of experienced team.

full teeth replacement cost in India

Getting full teeth implant..

  • Clinical examination and xrays, Treatment plan discussion
  • Removal of all damaged teeth and dental implant placement under local anesthesia/ general anesthesia/ conscious sedation based on individual needs
  • Measurement for provisional teeth
  • Provisional teeth fixing
  • Permanent teeth : After 6 months – 1 year(after complete healing of gums)

Advantages of full mouth replacement with dental implants:

  • No waiting time, fixed teeth  given in 3-4 days
  • Improved chewing efficiency
  • Enhanced appearance, looks and feel like natural teeth
  • Placed successfully in less bone or no bone situation
  • No need for sinus lifting and bone grafting
  • Minimally invasive
  • Safe for patients with diabetes
  • Budget friendly compared to other conventional methods in long term
  • No chance for periimplantitis (infection around implant)

Dental implants cost in India:

                            As dental implants are the peak of modern dentistry, the cost of dental implants  in India are always higher than the non surgical teeth replacement methods like removable dentures and bridges. In long term, dental implants are the only solution to put an end of your ongoing dental issues for decades. Patients can experience a more comfortable and stable fixed teeth  which will leads to improved quality of life.

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