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Quick improvment in quality of life

Quick rehabilitation is experienced and provides complete patient satisfaction as a result of proper function, sense, esthetics, speech and self esteem.

Shorter treatment duration

With the help of All in Four dental implant the number of surgeries and overall time for treatment is reduced.

Lower costs

In addition to shorter treatment duration comparing with the conventional implant treatment, the All in Four implant have less cost.

Stability in minimum Bone Volume and prevention of Bone Grafting

One of the main advantage of All in Four implant is that jawbone is held intact, thus preventing Bone Grafting. Minimum Bone Volume can be maintaned due to the tilted implantation.

Improved Appearance

Improved Appearance has a positive effect and improves self confidence in a person. It results in natural and healthy smile.

Easy to Maintane and Clean

All in Four is easy to maintane as it just involves four implants rather than implant in each and every teeth. Oral hygiene can also be maintaned easily.