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home>>International Patients Care International Patients Care A new teeth in 3 days, a unique technique emerged as a leading dental implant center in India. This is a new method adopted by international dental implant center located in India. The advancement in technical standards of dental care has binded all nerves as :

  • Superior methods and standardized dental techniques, equipments and materials matching international standards.
  • Highly Qualified , super specialized surgeons along with handful affiliations in international associations as well as organizations.
  • Branches rooted in Valasaravakkam, a 5 (five) minute drive from hotels in the city.
  • Easy card payments.
  • Pick up arranged for consultation.
  • International coordinators help in booking air tickets as well as airport pick and drop arrangements.

HOW WE MANAGE ? After a due consultation, the precise treatment plan and treatment costs are mailed to the patient. Steps would be made easy if the OPG -DENTALXRAY is attached with or without any intra oral condition pictures.
Step1 Mornings are the general appointed timing of Doctor’s. Please ensure that an initial 30-40 minutes would be required for consultation and describing the treatment plan. Details would be as explained here. Upon the first visit, all necessary extractions would be completed as per the treatment plan. A painless treatment is offered by anesthetic injection. If you get too anxious, the nitrous oxide gas would help you calm down. The initial placement procedure would take at least 40-60 minutes per jaw. As a result, the complete rehabilitation procedure would be running for 2 hours. Rest would be definitely given for a better comfort and low anxiety levels. The impression of the mouth would be taken for 25-30 minutes for easy extracting. Medicines are essential for easing the pain levels.
Step 2. This happens to be the second visit for you. The date is fixed in the evening from 7.30 pm to 8.00 pm the same day. The Zirconium framework or the Metal wire frame is checked for any breakage. The process takes 30-40 Minutes. No surgical procedures are needed in this visit.
Step 3. The teeth is checked for its strength and color by you. If you need any modifications, please suggest as asked.
Step 4. The Zirconium or PFM bridge trial is looked on at this stage from 4.00 am to 11.00 am the following morning.
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