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Nobel Bio-care offers an extensive assortment of bone-level and tissue-level dental implants for all indications, bone types and surgical protocols, to satisfy every user experience level and selected treatment concept.

Nobel Active is truly an implant like no other. No matter if you’re dealing with soft bone, extraction sockets, or the aesthetic region, you can benefit fromits high primary stability. This makes Nobel Active a suitablechoice for demanding indications and protocols, such as immediate implant placement and Immediate Function.

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The Nobel Parallel Conical Connection is straightforward in design and application. It offers extraordinary flexibility that you’ll appreciate whether you’re an experienced clinician or new to implantology. The well-documented implant body provides high primary stability and allows for universal use in all bone qualities and a wide range of indications.

Nobel Replace Conical Connectionmerges the original tapered implant body with a tight sealed conical connection, offering you and your patients an aesthetic solution for all indications. The implant body mimics the shape of a natural tooth root, ensuring high initial stability for all loading protocols, including Immediate Function.

Nobel Replace and the original tapered implant Replace Select mimic the shape of a natural tooth root. They are designed for high initial stability in all loading protocols, including Immediate Function.

Nobel Speedy is specifically designed for high initial implant stability in soft bone and is ideal for Immediate Function. Its short drilling protocol is time-efficient and reduces chair time. Nobel Speedy is preferred by many for fixed full-arch restorations ? it’s the original and widely documented implant for the All-on-4 treatment concept.