immediate fixed teeth with dental implants in India

TTPHIL Concept:

It’s a modern technique for teeth replacement by long, wide diameter dental implant using flapless key hole method to get support from good cortical bone.

Benefits of TTPHIL:

  • Tall implants: more surface area for bone engagement
  • Tilted implants: implants engaged in good cortical bone and sinus area avoided
  • Pin hole technique: Flapless method which ensures minimal invasive technique and better healing
  • Immediate loading: teeth fixed in 2 – 3 days thereby avoiding waiting time to get teeth
  • Cantilever avoided : Better long term stability of dental implant and implant supported fixed teeth
  • Safer for patients with diabetes, caridac problems and other medical complexities
  • Sinus lifting and bone grafting avoided

The conventional full teeth replacement methods like Allon4 and Allonsix dental implant are based on this concept.

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