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Painless dental treatment-STA (Single Tooth Anesthesia)

(The STA system)

It is a well-known fact that taking syringe injections is one of the most stressful activities that a patient undergoes in a dentist office. With varied patient dispositions and psychologies, it is a cause of anxiety for both the doctor and the patient.

The STA or single tooth anesthesia system is a revolutionary computer-controlled local anesthetic delivery system or CCLADS, which is state-of-the-art equipment for administering anesthetic injections. These include intra-ligamentary injections and palatals delivered painlessly and comfortably to the patient. Equipped with the Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology (DPS) it allows the physician to inject the solution at the right kind of pressure.


Painless and effortless injections

Dissipation of controlled amounts of anesthetic

Minimal or no collateral numbness: patient speech and facial movements are maintained after administration unlike the traditional method

Ergonomic hand-held device: the device is comfortable to hold by the physician and does not seem threatening to patients


Automatic purge and retract: Autopurge function for the plunger

Cartridge volume indicator: indicates the amount of anesthetic left in the device

Pressure indicator

STA button: the single-tooth anesthesia mode can be activated and deactivated

Multi-cartridge function: available in both professional and training mode

Aspirate button: controls aspiration

Select button: 2 -3 speeds; normal + 2 speeds or turbo + 3 speeds

Volume controls to adjust all volumes of the device

The Hand Piece

Has a simple but unique pen grasp

Extremely light weight (featherweight)

Provides tactile control


No needle deflection

Rapid onset of medication

There are several injection techniques that are practiced with the STA system that is effortless and painless. Contact Dr. Murugavel for more details.

Sterilization protocols

Patient health and safety are extremely important to us. Keeping this in mind, we follow stringent sterilization protocols at Best Laser Clinic to avoid any inadvertent infection that might affect the patient. We practice integrity and ethics of a good medical practice.

Sterilization of critical dental instruments and hand pieces are vital due to the risk of transmission of infections. ?Critical? instruments are those that penetrate the bone, blood stream and mucous membranes such as surgical instruments, scalpels, dental burs and periodontal scalers.

We use the autoclave process, which is a one of the most prudent sterilisation method adopted that removes all fungi, bacteria, viruses and spores.

Autoclave process:

  • The instruments are scrubbed and cleaned to remove debris: spirit swabs are used to clean them

  • Hand hygiene is performed; gloves are used to handle the instruments

  • Appropriate sterilization packages are utilized to pack and seal the instruments

  • They are then placed in the autoclave chamber: care is taken so as to not overload the chamber to achieve even sterilization

  • The time for sterilization, temperature, pressures etc. are adjusted ? dry heat autoclave will start only at a particular temperature

  • The instruments are removed from the chamber after completion of the sterilization cycle and stored in a clean and dry place, away from dust and moisture.

  • Each sterilization cycle is recorded in a log book

Over all hygiene and safety measures:

  • All surgical needles, gloves, masks, burs and suction tubes are single-use devices

  • Surgical scrubs are not worn outside the clinic

  • Correct labelling is used for any hazardous material

  • Separate storage for all bio-hazardous material: these are removed from the facility as soon as possible

All cleanliness processes and protocols followed at Best Laser Dental Clinic and Implant Centre are ISO certified.