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Multiple Tooth

Individuals missing several teeth can undergo multiple tooth replacements with implant supported bridges. All lost natural teeth can be replaced with dental implants. Individual crowns or implant supported of fixed bridges can restore full functionality of the teeth with just the appropriate fit. There are several treatment options available for multiple tooth implants such as removable partial dentures, implant supported bridges and multiple tooth supported fixed bridge.

The procedure

Like most dental implants, screws and cylinders are affixed into the jaw surgically. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. Over a period of time, the implants are allowed to bond together with the bone forming anchors. Temporary teeth replacements are provided during the interim integration period. The areas are then uncovered to allow the gums to heal. Most modern implant systems do not require the second step and one-stage implants can be executed. In such a case, an implant already has a piece of extension attached.

Multiple tooth replacements at International Dental Implant Center

At International Dental Implant Center treatment options available for multiple tooth replacements are performed with implant supported bridges. One of the most superior forms of treatments for multiple tooth replacements, this implant stops bone deterioration and are much more comfortable than any other methodology. The additional advantages of the implant supported bridges are maintenance of facial integrity and gum line is intact. Natural adjacent teeth are preserved and the implants feel and act just like original teeth. Biting, chewing and eating all substances are possible with implants. Dental implants are a permanent solution that is durable and does not require cleaning solutions or adhesives.

The International Dental Implant Center is a modern multispeciality dental clinic consisting of state-of-the-art medical equipment. The services are aimed at providing the best treatment at the most affordable costs. Surgeons at International Dental Implant Center counsel and guide patients towards the appropriate treatment methodologies that best suit the patient.