1. What are the chances of acquiring an infection after an implant? +
  2. None. At Best Dental Care, we follow strict ISO certified sterilization and cleaning methodologies that do not transmit any infections to any individual in the facility.

  3. Are dental implants painful? +
  4. No. Dental implants are done after administration of local anaesthesia. The patient feels no pain during the procedure. Post-operative pain medications and antibiotics are prescribed as the pain wears off.

  5. Are bone grafting and sinus lifting absolutely necessary before a dental implant? +
  6. Not necessary. Basal implants offer the flexibility of size and measurement. The size of the implant will be based on the availability of bone.

  7. Will I bleed after a dental implant procedure? +
  8. No. There is no or minimal bleeding during a basal implant because of key-hole techniques adopted for its placement.

  9. Who are candidates the ideal candidates for dental implants? +
  10. You are ideal candidate for a dental implant if you:

    Wish to replace missing teeth: single / multiple or all of your teeth

    Have deformities of the upper and lower jaw: where the ridges need to be modified

    Require a sinus augmentation

    Wish to correct bite consistency and chewing efficiency

    Wish to have a beautiful smile and confidence

  11. What are immediate-loading basal implants? +
  12. Affixation of prosthesis is possible within 72 hours of implantation surgery. This saves a lot of time and cost as against conventional implants, which are time consuming and require additional bone grafting and augmentation procedures.

  13. I am severely dent phobic. What should I do? +
  14. Anxiety and fear of visiting a dentist is common with most individuals. Most of the fear is associated with injection and pain-related anxieties. At Best Dental Centre, our primary aim is patient comfort and cure. We work with best-available techniques that are painless and effortless with positive outcomes.

  15. Are dental x-rays safe? +
  16. It is true that over-exposure to any kind of radiation (inclusive of UV) is unsafe. But the volume of radiation used for dental x-rays is extremely small and in low frequencies. This emission seldom causes any harm. Besides at Best Dental Care the patient and the doctor are provided with protective full-body coverings that shields the individuals from any harm.

  17. What are basal implants? +
  18. Basal bones are highly mineralized bones that do not resorb. Basal implants are a revolutionary method of dental implantation where bone augmentation is not required even in the worst-case-scenarios. The implants are single unit implants that are connected monolithically.